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The 2008 Parks & Recreation budget includes funds that have been made available for capital improvements to upgrade several mini parks at Waterford Homes. The parks are located at SW 24th Terrace, SW 28th Avenue and SW 10th Drive.

The links below show the proposed play equipment for two of the parks:

http://pdplay.com/vermont.html    Included at SW 24th Terrace

http://pdplay.com/fort_knox.html    Included at SW 28th Ave.

ttp://pdplay.com/5.html    Included at SW 24th Terrace and SW 28th Ave.

http://pdplay.com/fiber_play_resilient_surfacing.html    Example of Surface

http://pdplay.com/village_diner.html    (Included at SW 28th Ave.

Here is some history on the development of the proposed upgrades:      

All Waterford Homes residents are encouraged to comment on the proposed upgrades. If you would like to comment, please Email the Board of Directors