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Tue Feb 26 14:47:35 CST 2013

Hi All,
Code enforcement is checking on blocked sidewalks. Do not park in or over the sidewalks. You are not allowed to park in the cut outs over the drains.  Parking is allowed in the swales not on the streets where emergency vehicles could be blocked from passage.
There is a WDCA meeting this Wed at 7pm at the BSO substation on Powerline Rd  north of 10th Street.  There is a news report about crime events in West Deerfield.  If you have had any trouble or have any suggestions for our police they will be there to hear you.  Also there are plans in the making to help with bike paths, walking and public transportation to overall improve our getting around . There are rules about tree removal on your property and the tree replacement that the city requires.  There will be meetings coming up about the landscaping on the well field between 24th and 28th Streets.  We will keep you posted.   Our streets will be resurfaced in the near future. Once we know more we will let you know
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