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Please complete the 2020 Census if you haven’t already done so


Denise Bogner

Waterford Home Owner’s Association






FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – August 18, 2020 


Time is Running Out to Complete the Census


DEERFIELD BEACH, FL –  It's not too late to complete the 2020 Census, but
time is running out sooner than expected. The U.S. Census Bureau Director
Steven Dillingham announced in a statement Monday, August 3, 2020, that all
counting efforts for the census door-to-door canvassing and online,
telephone and mail-in responses will stop on Wednesday, September 30, one
month earlier than originally planned. 


A complete and accurate census count is critical to securing billions of
dollars in funding for Medicare, Medicaid, public safety, hospitals,
schools, roads, senior centers, immunizations, Head Start, housing
assistance programs, nutrition and food programs, summer job programs,
neighborhood improvement programs, pandemics like COVID-19 and other
community resources. The census count is also important for determining the
number of seats Florida gets in the U.S. House of Representatives and how
congressional and state legislative districts are drawn.


It's time to act, only 37.7 percent of Deerfield Beach households have
responded to the census. With less time to get the City's neighbors counted,
we must all pull together and act now by responding to the census today at
my2020census.gov or by phone 844-330-2020. It's also important to remind
your family, friends and neighbors to complete the census. Spread the word
through your social media sites and any method that creates visibility and
awareness for this once-a-decade population count. Do your part to raise the
count. Take 10 minutes to complete your census. Count everyone living in
your home, including the kids. The more accurate the City's 2020 count, the
more equitable its share of federal funds will be to shape the future for

For additional information, contact Vickki Placide-Pickard at 954-571-2675
or  <mailto:vpickard at dfb.city> vpickard at dfb.city. 






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